Top Career Is Counseling and Guidance

Mohd Yazid, your top career is "Counseling and Guidance". Counseling and Guidance professions involve helping people envision a new future for themselves. Unlike people in other fields, it's rare to hear a counselor complain that they don't see how they impact other people's lives. Whether it's working with young children or older adults, counselors provide emotional, psychological or practical support. Some people mistakenly assume that these types of professions merely involve listening to other people's problems. It's actually much more complex than that. Successful counselors have an intuitive understanding of how a person is feeling. Counselors do not require their clients to relay every detail in order to grasp the situation at hand. In addition, not only do they have to be keen observers, but they also have to balance being a nurturer and a disciplinarian. In other words, people in these professions play many roles. One day the situation may require them to be extremely patient and gentle. The next day may require them to be firm and provide honest and critical feedback. Regardless of the specific type of profession, counselors often provide coping strategies and a dose of courage to people who need some direction and positive reinforcement.

A job is not just a job. It serves other needs that are important not to ignore. Don't forget to consider different aspects of your personality when thinking about your specific job interests. Below we've given you some ideas to keep in mind. Following this, the jobs that we've listed for you were personally picked for you with these needs in mind.

Although everyone would enjoy having some money, you want more than that. Whether you actually live in a lap of luxury isn't the point either. Rather, your desire to have certain comforts in life partly relates to your job interests. In addition to making money, jobs carry other benefits too. For example, you may not make as much money being an artist, but it carries a certain amount of prestige compared to other higher paying jobs. You want to have a job associated with having favorable qualities so that you make a good impression with others. A bit of recognition does not hurt either in your book. It's far better to work hard and receive some accolades then it is to work just as hard and not have others admire you for it. Given that this is the case, think about aiming for jobs that are seen as admirable by society at large. In your area, think about jobs that connote high creativity, nobility, or intelligence. Being around people is one of the perks of the job. You are social by nature and while some people see socializing as a waste of time, working with others increases your enthusiasm for what you do. The thought of sitting in front of your computer all day without interacting with people would be joyless to you. Maybe it's that you like bouncing ideas off of other people or you just like taking breaks with people. Whatever the case, make sure you look for jobs that allow you to work with others in some way. It would not only make you happy but also productive.
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"The thought of sitting in front of your computer all day without interacting with people would be joyless to you."

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kenapa tipu tu kan in future top career


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