Past, Present And Future


There are a number of ways this card could be playing out right now. Some possibilities include:

You may be experiencing a particularly pleasurable time in your love life. This may mean that your relationship is thriving, or your dating life is bringing you happiness.
You may be enjoying financial successes, such as a healthy savings account or a well-paying job.
In the areas of health and well-being, you may be feeling particularly content and energetic


This card may have affected the overall tenor of your life, or just a particular area. Following are a few possibilities for how you experienced these influences in your past:

Your family may have offered you great love and fulfillment.
In your social life, you may have suddenly made friends with a person or group of people you'd been longing to get to know.
You may have finally caught the eye of the object of your affection, or you may have had an abundance of potential suitors.


The Devil is the card of your future. More than any other step of life's journey, this card represents the lessons you must learn and the experiences in store for you in your upcoming karmic destiny. This may impact you in any number of ways, including:

You may be tempted to indulge in reckless behavior in your love life, such as cheating on a partner; or you may find yourself obsessed with a new love interest to the point of distraction.
You may find yourself addicted to work — spending so much time at your job that you neglect other important areas in your life.
Addictions or unhealthy tendencies may strain your relationship with family members.

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5 ulasan:

President berkata...

"..You may find yourself addicted to work — spending so much time at your job that you neglect other important areas in your life..."

wah! betul ka ni?????
cam dahsyat ja future card ko ialah The Devil...

ف wildchild ۞ berkata...

Quotes dari internet pasal past, present and future..

There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.

- dari George Carlin

Azhar Ahmad berkata...

Ngeri sungguh tengok devil card tuhhh

Tanpa Nama berkata...

wah! ader kad gambar pompuan telanjang gitteww.. amvoiii!

Yazid Husain berkata...

to president
memang dasyat. abish la

to fa

to azhar
ngeri habesh

to mr. me
he he he. stim ke?


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