Let's Be Realistic, It's Lust

Social Idealist is means you feel in your heart that there is one special partner out there for you and chances are, you've spent plenty of time daydreaming about them. You've probably imagined all kinds of things about who they are, compiling a mental checklist down to the smallest details. After all, knowing what you want is a good thing. You're pretty sure you'll know love when you see it and you're more than willing to go out and find your ideal mate. Being naturally social, meeting people may feel almost like a hobby of yours. You enjoy chatting up friends of friends, or even total strangers, more than most people do. But this outgoing nature doesn't mean you take whatever comes your way. When it comes to finding a love interest, you're not interested in just anyone. You want "the one."

This romantic quest likely has you sizing up new people's potential as soon as you meet them. In the first five minutes of talking to someone at a party, you've probably determined whether you find them attractive, critiqued their personality, and decided whether or not they're a long-term prospect. You may have even named the offspring you would have with them.

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p/s: Love is Lust...

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Azhar Ahmad berkata...

Em em em... (sambil selak2 kamus...)

abeming berkata...

sama la...aku plak sambil paste kat citcat.com untuk translete...huhu

muin berkata...

ehem..ehem..abg yazid, aku tlh meng'tag'ko, hahahha

Yazid Husain berkata...

to azhar
em em em....sila selak kamus itu

to abeming
kalu pakai cit-cat banyak lari maksud

to muin
akan Aq balas tag itu

Peyus berkata...

cara-cara mudah utk memahami keseluruhn english tanpa melihat kamus adlh dgn melihat gambar yg ada pd petikan t'sebut shj..Sekian shj ajaran sesat drpd Dr.Yuyuz utk kali ini..Sehingga b'temu di lain hari..

Yazid Husain berkata...

penerangan yang cukup jelas dan tepat


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