Extravet & Hamonizer

Ramadhan 18

The Extravet

I’m thriving off the adrenaline rush me get from meeting new people. At parties me likely to talk to as many people as possible and leave with a few numbers of people I just met. Because I such a social butterfly, I ideal social network is bursting with lots of fun acquaintances and friends who appreciate my great energy and vivaciousness. I enjoy having casual relationships with lots of friends, and it feels good to me to know a lot of people.

Because it comes as second nature to me, I may not even realize how unique it is to have such an animated and outgoing approach. For instance, when I have a free afternoon, I highly likely to call someone (if myself don't already have plans!). I am well connected in my social network, and I enjoy being friends with as many people as possible. My outgoing nature is a special skill, and those in my network can benefit from it greatly.

The Harmonizers

Harmonizers like me typically maintain a communication style that is very accommodating and flexible. Still, I bound to experience some situations when you become angry over a big disagreement with your partner. At these times, I probably make reasonable efforts to work through the problems. However, Imay feel that ultimately it's better to let things be than to rock the boat too much.

People tend to develop their communication styles based on the kind of communication that's been most successful for them in past close relationships. Because one of I first close relationships was with my parents or a parental figure, their communication styles probably influenced my communication style more than other things. For example, as a Harmonizer, I may have had parents who were also Harmonizers. As such, I may also have learned that the best way to get what I wanted was to be pleasant and accommodating while searching for an amicable compromise that would make everyone feel comfortable. This doesn't necessarily mean that my communication style shares the same patterns as the people who raised me. It's also possible that my communication style developed out of a desire to communicate in a different manner from that which I were exposed to as a child. Sure, some aspects of the way I relate to others may be identical to one or both of your parents. Other aspects may result from the way you needed to relate to them during childhood to get my way.

So how exactly do Harmonizers communicate with one another? Take a look at the following example. Abu and Siti had been on a strict budget so they could save for a down payment on a new house. One day, Siti found out that Abu had been selling parts of his coin collection on Lelong so he could have a private stash of spending money. This made Siti angry. Abu knew she was really mad when she walked away from him in utter silence, giving him the cold shoulder and refusing to tell him what was wrong.

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edriaty berkata...

ape citer nih yajit oi.

Yazid berkata...

entah just bosan tunggu bas pukul 11.00 mlm dr Sban ke JB

abeming berkata...

uit...kisah pe ni yazid...atas sampai bawah...sume bahasa inggeris...pening aku bace...heheh...korang xnak pasang streamyx lg ke yazid...nanti promosi merdeka tamat rugila...hoho

P/S:mcm nk menggalakkan adsense jek wat posting BI...kekekeke

Yazid berkata...

he he he
nak tamabh duit raya la
skang incik WiFi idup kembali.
thank umah depan

Tanpa Nama berkata...

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I'd like to find out more details.

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