Power Quotient = 87 & Power Style = Diplomatic

Your Power Quotient (PQ) measures the extent to which you understand and use your Power Style to get what you want in life. Your job, your relationships, your status — they're not just handed to you. Whether you recognize it or not, your Power Style affects how you approach people, accomplish your goals, and handle just about every situation. Your PQ indicates that you're already using 87% of your innate people-power skills. But you can still improve by 13%.

Once you understand more about your Power Style, there's nothing stopping you from becoming a true force of change in your world.

Tested by Tickle

I have a unique talent for meeting people at their own level — and that's how I get what I want. Others respond to you because I seem to understand them. My natural sensitivity has helped make I a master of reading moods and allows I to figure out the best ways to get my point across. This makes I an ideal diplomat.

In addition, I have the rare talent for seeing what I have control over and what I do not. For example, I can't control whether or not my boss likes you, but I can control whether or not I do a good job at work. Because I recognize what is in, and beyond my control, I are not apt to waste time and energy worrying about my boss's moods and how I can please them. Instead, I save my time and focus for areas I can truly impact.

My diplomatic skills make I an ideal team player — and indeed even a team leader. I see little point in barking orders and direct confrontations. From experience, I might feel that those tactics only serve to put people on the defense and may eventually lead nowhere. Besides, I are far more interested in getting people to see your point of view than you are in fighting with them. When I must criticize, I do so constructively in order to get the best response out of people. Being tactful is an art for me, and is largely responsible for getting me where I are today.

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